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Bowker® Teams with Digi-Rights® to Launch CopyrightsNow® Mobile App for Copyright Registration...
New Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Android protects creator's content - now available on
"This service offers an important value to authors and publishers."
Beat Barblan, Director of Identifier Services at Bowker
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CopyrightsNow® Copyright Registration...
protects creative content from piracy and illegal copies!
New Mobile App registers copyrights in 5-minutes or less!
Lock-in protection for Life + 70 years!
Protected by U. S. Patent No. 8,438,113

Powered by Digi-EXPress® ... cloud-based Rights Management Solutions for Self-Published Authors, Publishers, Agencies and Editors... Register Copyrights, Acquire Licenses and Permissions, Clear Copyrights, License Content, Manage and Monetize Digital Assets, Sublicensing... and Mitigate Copyright Risks!

CopyrightsNow® Mobile App for U. S. Copyright Registration
CopyrightsNow® enables authors and creators to lock-in copyright protection for life plus 70 years without the paperwork and complexities!
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Digi-EXPress® Rights Life-Cycle Management
An End-to-End e-Commerce System to Acquire Rights & Permissions, Manage Rights Assets and Track Contracts, Licenses, and Sell Rights and Reprints to the Global Marketplace!
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Digi-EXPress® Rights Management System
An Automated E-commerce Solution for Acquiring Rights & Permissions, Defining Usage Rights Metadata Managing Rights and Restrictions!
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Digi-EXPress® Rights Licensing Storefront
Monetize Rights, Automate Rights Licensing and Permissions! Enables On-line orders, quotes, pricing and Automated Licenses for Rights and Reprint Sales!
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Digi-Rights® Permissions Services
Professional Outsourcing Services for Research, Rights & Permissions
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Digi-EXPress® Mobile Apps
Apps for Rights Assessments and Rights Clearance for Authors, Freelancers and Self-Publishers
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Process Improvement Consulting for your Rights & Permissions Group... Streamline and Automate your workflow with "best practice" Solutions!
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Legacy Data Conversion
Convert and Transform spreadsheets and backlist titles and rights into machine searchable digital formats!

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"This promotional campaign will utilise Digi-Rights® strong brand recognition among US publishers to enable even more self-published authors to connect with rights buyers on a global scale."
Tom Chalmers, Managing Director of IPR License
"By deploying Digi-EXPress®, Elsevier is able to enhance visibility and management oversight of the global rights we license and own, and to automate and optimize many of our rights management functions."
Natalie Qureshi, Global Permissions Manager, Elsevier

® Rights Management System is proving to be a valuable tool to support our compliance and ‘due-diligence’ efforts.”
Mark Seeley, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Elsevier

“We’re impressed by Digi-Rights
®’ straightforward approach and we’re delighted to include them among the services to which we connect our authors and publishers.”
Beat Barblan, Director of Identifier Services at Bowker

"Recognizing the critical needs publishers have for managing rights, speeding up copyright clearance, and controlling costs for 3rd party licensing, Digi-EXPress® Cloud offers seamless technology and professional services to meet and exceed the needs of Rights Management professionals."

Former VP, Global Content and Media Production, Cengage Learning
"We needed 37 images for our CD-ROM Training Release. Digi-Rights® got it done faster than we expected! Our project was managed professionally and the service was great!"
e-Learning Project Manager
"Many thanks to Digi-Rights® for my Rights Assessment and Self-Clearance! I was able to clear 3rd party images on my iPad and upload to my publisher"
Self-Published Author

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