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Copyright Basics for Authors & Self-Publishers
(6 min)
Learn how to maximize sales of your new book! What Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) do you have in your material?  Can you legally use material you didn't create (i.e., 3rd party material)?  What steps should you take to ensure Rights Compliance to minimize Copyright Infringement Risks?
Rights Assessment/Manuscript Reviews
(4 min)

Learn how to perform a Manuscript Review and get a Rights Assessment using Digi-EXPress
® Mobile and Desktop Apps
Getting Permissions and Clearing Rights (5 min)
Learn how to Automate Permissions and Clear Rights using Digi-EXPress
® Mobile and Desktop Apps


Digi-EXPress® RLC Rights Life-Cycle Automated System Overview (6 min)
Overview of Digi-EXPress® RLC Global Rights Management System for Authors, Publishers and Agencies. Learn about Cloud-Based Rights Management for Acquiring Rights & Permissions, Manuscript Rights Assessments, Managing Rights & Restrictions, Selling Rights and Licensing Content Chunks.
Digi-EXPress® Automated Rights Management
Overview (4 min)

Overview of Digi-EXPress
® Rights Management System for Mobile and Desktop Users and Rights Professionals

Digi-Rights® provides complete Training and Technical Support including: Webinars and On-Site Training for Large Groups
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