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Clear Copyrights and Acquire Permissions for 3rd party content...
Fast and Easy... at the Lowest License Fees!

Our professional team of Researchers and Permissions Advisors can save big on licensing fees... by negotiating the best deal for your book or multimedia project!   Plus, you get real-time access to Digi-Track® ... our on-line portal... to View Licenses, Usage Rights and Budgets!

  • Faster Research... We connect to a database of 6,000+ global sources to find and validate rightsholder contact information fast!

  • Faster Permissions Requests... Sent via Digi-EXPress®, On-line, FAX, E-Mail or Postal!

  • Buy at bulk rates... Our "buying power" provides leverage for lower fees

  • Instant Access to Licenses... License paperwork is digitized for instant on-line access

  • Manage your Assets... Usage Rights are capture and archived for Re-use/Re-purposing

  • Professionalize your Image... Digi Advisors boost your Image and create “good-will”

  • Reduce in-house costs... Digi fees are less than in-house costs... saving money!

  • Gain a Competitive Edge to outpace the competition!

A ‘turnkey’ solution to your Rights and Permissions management process...
to speed-up permissions and copyright clearance

  • Stop wasting valuable resources on disparate manual spreadsheets, maintained by each department... duplicate data entry... and redundant processes that consume valuable time and money

  • Using Digi Data eXchange (DDX) mapping, we seamlessly migrate your existing legacy systems and spreadsheets into a Digi-Track® Portal... and at key project milestones... reverse the eXchange back to your fulfillment and accounting systems... automatically!

  • Your personalized Portal Dashboard enables your team to view projects real-time, drill down to each perm item, monitor costs, print licenses and collaborate with stakeholders!

  • ‘Usage Rights’ are captured in a Rights Definition Language... to archive, search and re-use in future works... saving license fees!

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