Publisher Features

Improve Cost Controls with a centralized, unified on-line database repository for all projects! Save on Licensing Fees and processing costs... receive preferred license rates... using "best practice" negotiation tools
Expedite Clearance of 3rd party copyrights for re-publication in print, on-line and mobile media: e-Readers, Tablets & iPads! Capture Usage Rights and archive in a universal Digital Rights Definition Language for re-purposing on future projects
DDX Data Conversion seamlessly transform legacy  spreadsheets into metadata and integrate with your RMS using XML, CSV or Excel Go Green with Digital Document Management... scanning, archival search and management of contracts, manuscripts and licenses
Consolidate, Organize and Re-purpose existing content from various spreadsheets and internal systems Eliminate Unproductive Meetings with current and accurate real-time project information available on-line for collaboration!
Keep projects on-track with management alerts and automated rights-holder follow-ups Earn $$$ Commissions...
Resell Author Subscriptions
as a "value-added" service and profit center for your company!