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Learn the importance of copyright and how to protect the rights you own or license.  The Author Success Path provides everything you need to get started.  You'll get a Rights Assessment to learn what rights you own and what rights you may need to comply with copyright laws.  It's easy and quick to protect your income!

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Self-Publishers... we make acquiring content and clearing rights...simpler...faster...cheaper!

Watch this is 5-minute video on Getting Permissions / Clearing Rights for a brief demo of the new Self-Clear App!  Includes a database of over rightsholders to find content, creates customized Permissions Request letters, automatically sends permissions requests via e-mail with 1-click and tracks your rights, licenses and restrictions with free cloud storage. 

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Problem:  If you did not create all the content and images yourself, you may need to Get Permissions from the copyright owners to legally use their material. This can be a daunting and frustrating task... especially for digital rights.  Manual methods are time-consuming and error-prone. Can you afford the time to learn the procedures, send letters and negotiate rights?

Solution: Digi-EXPress® Self-Clear App provides with easy step-by-step screens to automate the permissions process, in just a few taps!  

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